A Cornerstone of Support for the MIT FSILG Community

Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Livings Groups (FSILGs) are a valued and integral part of the MIT community. The Independent Residence Development Fund (IRDF) is one way that MIT and FSILG alums keep the community strong.

The IRDF supports quality housing for current and future generations of MIT students by helping house corporations keep FSILG residences welcoming, accessible, up-to-date, and safe. A guiding principle of the IRDF is to "pay it forward" with alums empowering financial capacity for the entire FSILG community.

For more than fifty years, the IRDF has been a major resource for the FSILG community, adding new programs to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the community. A video from the IRDF's 50th Anniversary Celebration describes the impact of this special MIT fund.

Since the IRDF's founding in 1964, alums and friends have supported the fund with great enthusiasm: the IRDF depends on the generosity of stakeholders who believe that the FSILG experience is impactful to its members and alums, and integral to MIT as a whole. Unlike gifts to individual FSILGs, contributions to the IRDF are tax-deductible and count toward Class Reunion and MIT giving totals. IRDF donations also qualify for most corporate matching gift programs.

To accomplish its mission, the IRDF offers four types of funding assistance to FSILGs:

  • IRDF Construction/Renovation Loans. Since the 1960s, the IRDF Construction Loan program has offered long-term, low-interest loans that FSILGs can use for major capital improvements and renovations. In 2019, the IRDF introduced micro-loans (up to $100K) and mini-loans (up to $250K) that are designed for small maintenance and improvement projects.
  • IRDF Project Grants. In 1997, MIT launched the IRDF Project Grant program to reimburse FSILGs for improvements to educational areas, safety, and accessibility. In 2019, the program was expanded to include historic preservation and restoration. Expenses must be eligible for reimbursement according to IRS guidelines and as reviewed by the MIT legal team. Minor Project Grants are available for projects with a grant application request of up to $50K. Major Project Grants are available for projects with a grant application request of more than $50K.
  • IRDF Educational Operating Grants. In 2004, to assist FSILGs in maintaining high-quality facilities, MIT and FSILG alums developed the annual Educational Operating Grant (EOG) program. EOGs reimburse FSILG organizations for operating and safety expenses related to residential education.
  • IRDF Community-Wide Grants. These grants support initiatives that benefit the entire FSILG community, such as the extension of high-speed computer networks throughout the FSILG residences and the Safety, Licensing, and Inspection (SLI) program. The FSILG Facilities Renewal Program is supported by IRDF community grants. 

The IRDF is governed by three volunteer alumni boards appointed by the MIT Treasurer:

  • Board of Allocation - oversees loans
  • Grant Advisory Board - oversees grant programs
  • Architectural Review Board - oversees approvals for historic preservation elements

The IRDF receives administrative and legal support from the MIT Division of Student Life and the Office of the Vice President for Finance. Loan and grant applications are managed through the FSILG Cooperative, Inc. (FCI). The Office of the Vice President for Finance and MIT Treasurer have final approval authority for all terms related to IRDF loans and grants.

Learn more about how your gift to the IRDF can support FSILGs.